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Human Resources

We manage and maintain your HR, so you can focus on treating your patients.


We manage, monitor and maintain corporate records, insurance credentialing and more!

Risk Management

Our Certified Healthcare Managers develop and deploy customized solutions for your specific needs.

Patient Experience

We manage and monitor your positive patient outcomes, leading you to more revenue utilizing MIPS!

Pam Seymour, CEO

QPI Leadership

In 2009, Pam Seymour, our QPI pioneer and fearless leader, saw the writing on the wall. Healthcare was changing in a way and at a pace that most providers and pharmacies weren’t equipped to handle. Fast forward to 2021, things haven’t slowed down. Accreditation and healthcare compliance are ever changing and, now more than ever, providers are required to closely monitor compliance protocols and accreditation timelines. Pam leverages her 26 years of experience and All-Star team to provide a “best in class” Revenue Cycle and Credentialing Management System (RCCM). Call us or fill out the form so we can show you how we can improve patient outcomes and increase your revenue!


Through Lavear, healthcare providers are able to monitor compliance in real-time. Our logistics include key performance indicators that fluctuate based on quality weights and measures. HARP light technology allows healthcare providers to pinpoint success and focus on exceeding expectations.

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