Data analytics for performance and quality measures

Data analytics for performance and quality measures

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Welcome to QPI Healthcare Services – Your Healthcare Compliance Experts!  Today we are going to show you the value of “Doing the Q”!  enabling your practice to increase your revenue stream and decrease your payroll….Come on,  I’ll show you how!

QPI’s qualified team has provided healthcare in many different capacities for over 25 years and as the healthcare industry continually evolves, we have developed an interactive compliance software that is needed now more than ever.

QPI Healthcare Services has become a proven leader in the healthcare compliance industry by simply learning how to be flexible and  attentive to the needs of our clients.

We have listened and established expert solutions to navigating payor relationships with Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance Companies and their stringent payor requirements and their healthcare compliance requirements.

We also have solid relationships with Accreditation Organizations such as The Joint Commission, CHAP, ACHC, BOC and more thus increasing our services for a “Total Care” mindset with each of our healthcare providers’ and their patients.

Throughout this website you will discover how QPI utilizes Lavear HARP Light Technology software to monitor and track six different departments in your healthcare practice.

QPI provides effective OIG compliance services to several practice modalities that include: Clinic Groups, Private Practice Physicians,  Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities, Pharmacies, and Durable Medical Equipment Companies and more.

Our QPI team is comprised of many different professional backgrounds and our team leaders and directors are healthcare compliance professionals that you don’t have to pay fulltime salaries too such as: Certified Risk Managers, Licensed Independent Practitioners, Certified Durable Medical Equipment Professionals, and this is just to name a few.

With our combined expertise, we have developed a compliance software solution that revolutionizes patient-centered care, all while remaining compliant. Lavear, QPI’s software solution, features important key performance indicators that allow healthcare providers to monitor compliance, in real-time.

These KPI’s are calculated from your interior departments that include: Human Resources, Credentialing, Continuing Education, Administration, Risk Management, Patient Experiences and more. 


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