Do The Q!

Welcome to QPI Healthcare Services – Your Healthcare Compliance Experts. QPI Healthcare Services is a proven leader in the healthcare compliance industry. We have created an expert solution for navigating Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Payers. Our proprietary revenue cycle and credentialing management (RCCM) system will save you time, money and also increase revenue.  Give us a call or request a meeting and let us show you how we can improve your margins and keep you focused on providing patient centered care!

At QPI, our goal is to maximize reimbursements while minimizing payroll and administration costs, and we have created software to make that happen. 

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Our Lavear HARP Light Technology software monitors and tracks six different departments in your healthcare practice. Our interactive compliance software features key performance indicators (KPI) that allow for our healthcare providers to monitor their interior departments in REAL-TIME. KPIs can calculate compliance within human resources, credentialing, continuing education, administration, risk management, patient experience and more. We have revolutionized patient-centered care by paving a way for healthcare providers to maintain their good standing with regulatory agencies, accreditors, payers including CMS without the cost and maintenance of added administration. Give us a call or request a meeting to see how we can help you “Do the Q”!

The Cost To "Do The Q"?

QPI’s fee schedule is very basic and we believe in transparency.   We don’t try to bill on a sliding scale or based on number of employees.

We simply charge a flat fee per month, per “LIP” Licensed Independent Professional.  Example: your clinic houses Six (6) LIP’s.  Three (3) MD,s One (1) DO and two (2) ARNP.  You also employee your support staff which consist of two (2) RN’s, three (3) LVN’s, four (4) MA’s and five (5) Administrative staff members for a total of Twenty (20).    QPI will only charge for Six LIP’s.  If the number of LIP’s increases then our fees increase by the number of additional LIP’s.  Should the number of LIP’s decrease, then our fees decrease as well.

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