Data analytics for performance and quality measures

Data analytics for performance and quality measures

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Welcome to the future. Embracing new technology has become an indispensable tool for the Health Care Industry. It is imperative to choose a cutting-edge yet customized e-platform to improve the value of your organization while delivering a quality patient experience.

Let’s talk about a realistic solution – Lavear. Allow our sophisticated push technology to take your business to the next level and the healthcare industry by storm. This new and innovative software utilizes H.A.R.P Light Technology by merging all healthcare operations into one easy to use solution.  QPI offers healthcare compliance administration for payer requirements, effective for healthcare providers of multiple practice areas such as: Clinic Groups, Private Practice Physicians, Pharmacies, Home Health Agencies, Durable Medical Equipment Companies, Hospice and Palliative Care, Behavioral Health and more.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are QPI Healthcare Services™. Our QPI team is comprised of many different professional backgrounds. With our combined expertise, we at QPI have developed a software solution that revolutionizes patient-centered care, with compliance at the forefront. Lavear, QPI’s software solution, features essential key performance indicators with scorable weights and measures that allow healthcare providers to monitor quality and performance compliance, in real-time.

You didn’t become a healthcare provider to “push papers,” did you? No, you became a healthcare provider to care for patients. Healthcare providers are clinical experts. Often, in order to truly provide patient-centered care in a safe environment, providers get bogged down in managing business aspects that come along with running an office. QPI decreases the organizational workload by assuming a large percentage of responsibilities that include Human Resources, Administration, Risk Management and Patient Outcomes (HARP). Thus, we reduce the workload for key personnel.

As the demand for healthcare compliance continues to increase among federal, state, and commercial health insurances and governing boards/ agencies, the role of QPI Healthcare Services™ is quickly growing in prominence in our booming healthcare industry. It is our goal to maintain compliance while assisting your organization with increasing revenue. How? Its simple, really. By freeing up administrative needs, our healthcare providers can get back to what’s important—patient-centered care.

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