Data analytics for performance and quality measures

Data analytics for performance and quality measures


Do the Q! With HARP Light Technology

Reliable systems can reduce defects and rework and facilitate safer care of our patients, thereby improving patient outcomes
  • Compliant Compounding and Non-Compounding
  • Increase Products and Services
  • Add additional Payor Sources
  • Conduct Patient Experience Surveys
 To succeed, a strategic partner focused on positive patient outcomes is always a good ally. QPI Healthcare Services works with you shoulder-to-shoulder to co-create a customized solution. Think of us as your all-in-one resource for healthcare compliance.Here’s why:

Human Resources. QPI is here to help coordinate new hire documentation; maintain existing employee documentation, including quarterly background (OIG) checks and annual evaluations; and assist with education and training both at the time of hire and annually. Remember, your Licensed Independent Practitioners require continued education on topics to include medication errors, safe and effective prescription of controlled substances, and more. QPI provides courses both in person and virtually available for credit hours. Additionally, your accreditor requires that employees be trained and educated in topics such as HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, OSHA, and more.


Administration. QPI communicates with your accreditor, pre- and post-accreditation, and Medicare in the event that you have a random pop-up site inspection. Should anything be asked of you, we are here to assist with Corrective Action Plans, Development Requests, and more. Medicare and accreditation standards require you to maintain operational documents including Articles of Incorporation, Surety Bonds, Liability Insurances, etc. We are here to coordinate renewals with you to ensure no lapse in coverage and no disruption with payors. Administration is more than just the Medicare and accreditation requirements. We can also work with you to apply for and establish relationships with additional payors; Credentialing.


Risk Management. Revenue Cycle Management. A major part of ongoing provider requirements and DSCSA compliance is that you assess, reassess, and evaluate your own performance. We are here to help coordinate data collection, such as prescription drug inventory management, for Performance and Quality Measures to assist with eCQM Reporting. These data metrics also allow participation in pay-for-performance incentive programs such as: Value Based Healthcare, CMS 5-Star Rating System, MIPs and more. We’re also here to help coordinate assessments including HIPAA, Fraud, Waste and Abuse, Anti-Kickback, and more.


Patient Experience. If you are not collecting Patient Surveys on your own, QPI offers to conduct and collect Patient Experience Surveys for you. Your accreditor and Medicare will ask you how your patients perceive their care. You are required to solicit feedback from your patients (the only type of solicitation permitted). Ultimately, satisfied patients ensure continued relations/ privileges with Medicare and other payors. If your patients are unsatisfied, what are you doing to mitigate/ fix it?


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