Data analytics for performance and quality measures

Data analytics for performance and quality measures

Carlton Fields

Our Core Values

Service to Our Clients 

We are committed to serving our clients effectively and efficiently. We endeavor as a firm to be responsive to our clients’ needs, requests, and expectations; we serve our clients with knowledge, skill, loyalty, creativity, perseverance, and care; and we seek to be conscientious in attaining our clients’ objectives in the most cost-effective manner possible. To meet these goals, we recruit and retain lawyers and staff of the highest caliber. 

Professionalism and Ethics 

Although we are committed to representing our clients vigorously and aggressively, we do so only within ethical bounds and in a manner consistent with the highest professional ideals. 

Service to Our Communities and the Profession 

Recognizing the special responsibility that attorneys bear in a democratic society, and our obligations as citizens to our communities, we expect and encourage the firm’s attorneys to participate actively in community service, pro bono representation, and professional organizations. 

Appreciation of Diversity 

Carlton Fields encourages and rewards exceptional performance and hard work without favoritism or prejudice based on family relationships, gender, ethnic background, or the like. The firm takes great pride in the diversity of the backgrounds and perspectives of its attorneys and staff. 

Fair Compensation 

We are committed to compensating all employees fairly and to providing excellent benefits. 

Enjoyment of Work 

We are committed to the ideal that this firm can and should be managed so that every employee will be professionally fulfilled. To achieve this goal, we endeavor to operate this firm so that all employees have the opportunity to seek and obtain challenging work and professional growth; all employees demonstrate mutual respect, courtesy, and concern; and all employees are encouraged and permitted to afford time and attention to their families and other personal priorities. 

Work Ethic 

The firm expects all employees to commit themselves enthusiastically to the requirements of their position, recognizing that this may require personal sacrifices from time to time. 

One Firm 

We are “one firm.” We place the best interests of the firm ahead of our individual interests, and we stand ready to provide assistance and support to one another at all times. 


We value loyalty to our clients, to the firm, and to each other. 

Competent, Effective Management 

We are committed to operating successfully as a business, for the long-term benefit of the shareholders, their successors, all attorneys and other employees, our clients, and others whom we serve. For this reason, we endeavor to manage the firm competently and effectively, and we encourage and reward each attorney’s attainment of his or her full career potential.


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