Data analytics for performance and quality measures

Data analytics for performance and quality measures

Jackye Magee

Jackye Magee 1 -QPI Healthcare Services

Jackye Magee is the Chief Operations Officer at QPI Healthcare Services LLC. She has cofounded and developed Lavear – featuring HARP Light Technology. Recognizing the gap in continued ongoing compliance and asking the age-old question “Is there an app for that,” Jackye has fashioned a program that far exceeds accreditation standards and state and federal regulations. 

Early in her career, Jackye gained experience with state and federal banking laws, showcasing the importance of compliance. With 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry, her background ranges from Hospitals to Durable Medical Equipment Companies and Pharmacies. As an Education Coordinator, Jackye has co-developed innovative continued education components for Licensed Independent Practitioners such as BSNs, RNs, IBCLCs, and more. 

Combining continued education needs, compliance and navigating the ever-changing healthcare industry, she has secured trusted relationships with the Joint Commission, Board of Certification/ Accreditation, and other accreditation organizations. 

With an attention to detail, Jackye has advocated for DME Companies and Pharmacies when CMS, or other agencies, find discrepancies and require clarification. Her passion for team-oriented patient-centered care will continue to propel. When Jackye is not working, she enjoys her time boating, fishing and scalloping. She is also an avid chef and bourbon connoisseur. Jackye can be reached at

Jackye Magee 2 -QPI Healthcare Services

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